Do you love the water?

Do you love extreme sports?

There is nothing better than extreme water sports for a weekend of freedom. If you are looking for a brief vacation away from daily life with the excitement and freedom on the water, then activities from kite surfing to surfing or windsurfing may be just what you need.There is nothing better than the ability than the feeling of release of spirit on the water, the feeling of flying along on your own through the air. Luckily, while these sports are supposedly extreme in nature they are also natural and open bringing each action together with oneself. With any of these skiing or surfing activities there is nothing better than to experience the water and air freely together along with the independence of your movement.


Have you ever viewed yourself kite surfing or kite skiing out on the open waves?

If you like the combination of strength, flexibility and so many other athletics and adventures of sports like gymnastics, skateboarding, surfing and others, there is much to be gained from kite surfing. With the kite pulling along the energy of the wind, similar to all sorts of sailing, there is much entertainment, joy and challenge combined when surfing alone with the kite pulling you along. Without a large and heavy boat and crew on your shoulders, this day in the sun is one for you alone. Also called kiteboarding, there is much to be said for this sport and what it can do for all of those standing on the board.

With both of these activities beneficial to the excitement and entertainment of the individual, it is great to understand the lack of need for others in the enjoyment of a day out on the water in the sun. There is no need for that beach vacation or adventure to be a group event, and anyone has the chance to stand up on that board with a smile and an eye for success. It’s not only learning a new activity, but a touch of personal growth. Now, when there is a greater extreme to be experienced out on the waves there are a number of surfing and windsurfing options for all levels from beginner to expert. Similar to simply being out on the waves, on the board, with the wind in the sail and hair alike, there is the ability to take this sport on as a competitor and regular activity with groups around the community.

If you live in the area of a beach and enjoy surfing, or more commonly windsurfing, there are some extreme and exciting races in which to enter on a regular basis. Some of these include course racing, wave sailing, superX and freestyle. There is no reason to hold this out to a simple one-time event out on the waves. If you end up falling in love with the activity you have every right to become that extremist you know you can be. No need to be extreme in politics, movements or actions across the country and the world, but be extreme within your own spirit and activity. You are extreme for you, and living your very own life to the fullest. Many of us love the water, and it can make an extreme sport including windsurfing, surfing or kite sailing incredibly fun, entertaining and adventurous.